DualScreening Kit

DualScreening Kit

For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.

Catalog Number: ENZ0004

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  • Detection Method:
  • Fluorescent
  • Component:
  • • DualScrenning Substrate (lyophilized)
    • DMSO (for Solution A)
    • Solution B
    • Solution C
    Each 200 µg kit is sufficient for 3,750 × 48 µl standard protocol well assays.
  • Shipping Condition:
  • Room Temperature
  • Storage:
  • • DualScreening Substrate is provided lyophilized and should be stored at 20°C, desiccated and protected from light.
    • DMSO (for Solution A), Solution B, and Solution C should be stored at 22-25°C, protected from direct light.
  • Cell Permeability:
  • Cell-Permeant
  • Applicable Equipment:
  • Flow Cytometer, Fluorometer, Microplate Reader
  • Substrate:
  • DualScreening
  • Substrate Properties:
  • Chemical Substrate
  • Substrate Type:
  • Beta-Lactamase Substrate


  • DualScreen Kit contains the FRET B/G substrate and a cytotoxicity indicator. Both of the two compounds can readily enter the cells. It combines a cytotoxicity readout and the radiometric reporter gene readout of beta-lactamase. Thus can be used to rapid identify false positives due to toxicity and normalize cytotoxic cellular responses. An intact cell membrane and the activity of endogenous esterases are required for the detection.