FRET-B/G Loading Kit with CCF4-AM

FRET-B/G Loading Kit with CCF4-AM

For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.

Catalog Number: ENZ0008

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  • Detection Method:
  • Fluorescent
  • Component:
  • CCF4-AM, DMSO (for Solution A), Solution B, and Solution C.
  • Storage:
  • • CCF4-AM (dry) should be stored at -20°C. Desiccated and protected from light.
    • DMSO (for Solution A), Solution B, and Solution C should be stored at 22-25°C, protected from direct light. Solution B may form a white precipitate at a lower temperature.
  • Cell Permeability:
  • Cell-Permeant
  • Applicable Equipment:
  • Flow Cytometer, Fluorometer, Microplate Reader
  • Substrate:
  • CCF4-AM
  • Substrate Properties:
  • Chemical Substrate
  • Substrate Type:
  • Beta-Lactamase Substrate


  • CCF4 is the negatively charged fluorescent beta-lactamase substrate. CCF4-AM is the membrane-permeant ester form of CCF4. It can readily enter the cells. FRET-B/G Loading Kit with CCF4-AM is based on FRET. Each substrate is labeled with two fluorophores. The absence of beta-lactamase activity can emit a gree fluorescence signal at 518 nm, while the presence of betalactamase activity produces a blue fluorescence signal at 447 nm, which can be readily observed or detected.