Functional GPCR Assays

Functional GPCR Assays

For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.

G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) can activate heterotrimeric G proteins and induce cellular responses. GPCR-G protein interactions are involved in a wide variety of signal transduction cascades and downstream effector events. GPCRs play a critical role in an incredible array of physiological functions, which makes them good candidates as valuable therapeutic targets. Functional GPCR assays, which can provide more comprehensive information for GPCRs, has always been the focus of drug development. Choosing the right assay is important for the early stage of drug discovery.

Creative Biolabs provides the most comprehensive functional GPCR assays in a time- and cost-effective manner to help advance cutting-edge GPCR research and drug development projects of our customers.

Binding Assays

Functional GPCR Assays

Binding assays can be used to determine the detailed interactions between receptors and their ligands, and also to identify compounds that are involved in the modulation of GPCR activity. It is an indispensable part in drug development. Further understanding of GPCRs will have a significant impact on modern medicine.

We offer our customers with a comprehensive selection of binding assays based on isotope labeling, non-isotope labeling or label-free methods.

G Protein Dependent Functional Assays

Functional GPCR Assays

G protein dependent functional assays are essential for further analysis of G protein activation and G protein-mediated biological events, which can help to fully describe the overall characteristics of these compounds and provide useful information on the selection of candidate compounds.

We provide our customers with a complete portfolio of G protein dependent functional assay, including GTPγS binding assay, cAMP assay, IP3/IP1 assay, Ca2+ assay, and reporter assay.

G Protein Independent Functional Assays

Functional GPCR Assays

With further understanding of GPCR signal transduction, many G protein independent assays have been developed to detect GPCR activity. These assays can also be combined with high-throughput technology, automation technology, label-free technology and other technologies to provide more additional valuable information for drug development and improve the success rate in drug discovery.

We offer our customers with customized G protein independent functional assay services in a time- and cost-effective manner.

Single Molecule Analysis

Functional GPCR Assays

The unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution of single molecule analysis and its ability to detect biomacromolecules under physiological conditions can provide valuable information about structure-function relationship of GPCRs. This is of great significance for the in-depth study of GPCRs and the development of related drugs.

We provide our customers with professional single molecule analysis services based on various state-of-the-art techniques to meet the needs of their cutting-edge projects.

Creative Biolabs has state-of-the-art platforms and years of experience in providing customized services and one-stop solutions. A comprehensive selection of functional GPCR assays can completely meet different requirements.

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