GPCRs Gene-Based Solutions

GPCRs Gene-Based Solutions

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G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are a diverse group of receptor proteins in eukaryotes. They play an important role in various physiological and pathological processes. Spatial and temporal regulation of GPCR gene expression is accountable for the changes of their biological functions. GPCR malfunctions due to gene mutations have been associated with a wide range of diseases. Therefore, studies on GPCR genes and genetic variants have a larger overall impact on drug development and clinical medicine.

Creative Biolabs provides comprehensive and professional gene-based solutions for GPCR research and drug development. We offer customized services based on a complete set of gene-based assays.

Gene Synthesis Services

Gene synthesis refers to the technology of synthesizing double stranded DNA molecules base-by-base in vitro. Almost any DNA sequence, including those do not exist in nature, can be synthesized. Synthetic gene technology provides a more convenient, efficient and economic approach for structure and function studies of GPCRs. Moreover, it allows the recreation of ancestral receptors.

Creative Biolabs provides professional and high-quality gene synthesis services for GPCR research and drug development with fast turnaround time. Our customized services can fully meet your requirements.

Gene Expression Profiling of GPCRs

Gene expression profiling refers to the measurement of gene expression in cells at any given moment. The analysis of GPCR expression is helpful to clarify the role of GPCRs in cell physiology and pathophysiology. Gene expression profiling is also an essential step to reveal the function of orphan GPCRs in diseases and is paramount to recognize the potential therapeutic value for any given orphan GPCRs.

Creative Biolabs provides customized gene expression profiling services to fully meet your requirements. Our experienced scientists have extensive successful experience in providing one-stop solutions.

GPCR Mutagenesis

With the development of science, mutagenesis, a group of techniques that can be used to change DNA sequence at the molecular level, has become an important tool for biological research and drug development. Mutations of GPCRs are associated with the pathogenesis of a wide range of diseases. Mutagenesis can be a powerful tool to analyze the structure-function relationship of disease-causing mutations in detail.

Creative Biolabs provides multiple GPCR mutagenesis services for different research purposes. Our experts are dedicated to helping you find answers for your research and accelerate your project lifecycle.

Genetic Polymorphisms of GPCRs

Genetic polymorphisms refer to the existence of more than one allele in a single genetic locus within a population, and the least common allele has a frequency of about 1% or greater. They can occur in any region of the genome. Gene polymorphisms of GPCRs have been shown to cause a variety of diseases. The study of GPCR polymorphisms will have a significant impact on medicine and pharmacology.

Creative Biolabs provides professional services for the study of GPCR polymorphisms. A variety of techniques are available to meet different requirements.

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