CHO-K1/MC5 Frozen Cells

CHO-K1/MC5 Frozen Cells

For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.

Catalog Number: FZC0004

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  • Cell Line:
  • CHO-K1
  • GPCR Family:
  • Melanocortin Receptors
  • Gene Name:
  • MC5
  • Assay Target Class:
  • GPCR
  • GenBank Accession Number:
  • NM_005913
  • Assay Validated:
  • cAMP, Downstream Phosphorylation
  • G-Alpha Natural Receptor:
  • Gs
  • Second Messenger Release:
  • cAMP
  • Shipping Condition:
  • Dry Ice
  • Storage:
  • Should be stored in liquid nitrogen immediately upon receipt.
  • Therapeutic Area:
  • Pain, Inflammation, Metabolic


  • We have different frozen cell lines that express various GPCRs related to calcium response.

Detailed Information

  • CHO-K1/MC5 Frozen Cellsare a stable recombinant human cell line expressing MC5 in CHO-K1 host cells. Upon the stimulation of GPCR, calcium binding to the aequorin oxidation of coelenterazine leads to emission of light. These cells can be thawed and used directly in a functional, cellular GPCR test.