Anti-GPCR Antibody Discovery

Anti-GPCR Antibody Discovery

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Creative Biolabs provides professional services and innovative technologies to accelerate anti-GPCR antibody discovery. Our scientists will work closely with our customers and provide them with multiple options in antibody discovery process.

Introduction of Anti-GPCR Antibody Discovery

G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) comprise the largest family of membrane receptors in humans. They transmit cell signals arising from a large number of ligands and play a critical role in regulating various cellular and metabolic functions. GPCRs have therapeutic applicability in a wide range of diseases, and thus represent the most valued drug discovery targets. However, current anti-GPCR drugs only target a small proportion of GPCRs. The structure, function and physiological role of novel GPCRs need to be further explored.

Anti-GPCR antibodies are practical tools to characterize GPCRs, especially orphan receptors. Monoclonal antibodies also show great potential as therapeutic drugs due to their superior specificity in regulating GPCRs to obtain the desired intracellular signaling. However, there are some challenges in anti-GPCR antibody discovery, such as high conformational variability, difficulty in antigen preparation, and limited exposure of GPCR extracellular epitopes. To overcome these challenges, several novel strategies, such as antigen design, immunization strategy, and high-throughput directed evolution, are suggested to generate highly specific anti-GPCR antibodies.

Figure 1. The landscape of GPCRs targeted by antibodies. (Hutchings C J, et al., 2017)Figure 1. The landscape of GPCRs targeted by antibodies. (Hutchings C J, et al., 2017)

Our Featured Services

We are proud to offer the most robust and reliable services for anti-GPCR antibody discovery, helping our customers overcome challenges and save valuable time. Browse our featured services below or use our online inquiry form to get more information.

Anti-GPCR Antibody Discovery Service Highlights
Antigen Design and Preparation
  • Comprehensive antigen expression platforms and leading recombinant protein purification technology.
  • Professional antigen design software and experienced scientists.
  • Different antigen formats for different utility.
  • Efficient solutions to ensure the success rate of the following immunization.
Epitope Mapping
  • Precision epitope mapping and broadest applicability.
  • Structurally and functionally tailored microarrays based on different requirements.
  • High success rate and high efficiency.
Antibody Isolation and Purification
  • Combination of animal immunization and high-throughput directed evolution.
  • Custom antigen-specific affinity purification for maximum specificity and accuracy.
  • The most appropriate procedure to achieve the best balance among purity, quality, yield, and cost.
Antibody Sequencing
  • Fast and professional sequencing services with superb accuracy.
  • High-throughput compatible with high sensitivity.
  • Competitive pricing for high quality.
Antibody Engineering
  • Every format from antibody humanization, affinity maturation to antibody reformatting are covered.
  • Decades of experience in the development of recombinant antibody and bispecific antibody.
  • Customized and one-stop services to match specific needs.
Antibody Production
  • Solid expertise to achieve rapid and high-throughput antibody production.
  • A comprehensive service portfolio designed to meet small-scale to large-scale applications.
  • High-quality antibody production under rigorous quality control.

Creative Biolabs provides our customers with customized anti-GPCR antibody discovery services and one-stop solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner to help them achieve their goals. Our scientific team has successfully developed anti-GPCR antibodies to a wide range of therapeutic and diagnostic targets.

If you are interested in our services or have any specific needs, please feel free to contact us for more details.


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