Bioanalytical Services of GPCRs

Bioanalytical Services of GPCRs

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Creative Biolabs uses our state-of-the-art analytical platform to provide a wide range of bioanalytical services integrated with our drug discovery and preclinical capabilities. Our expertise can help our customers cope with increasing and unexpected challenges of time, quality and cost.

Introduction of Bioanalysis

Bioanalysis in drug discovery and development generally refers to the quantitative measurement of a drug or their metabolites in biological fluids, such as blood, serum and tissue extracts. The first step of bioanalysis is sample preparation, i.e. sample cleaning and/or concentration before analysis. In order to demonstrate the performance of methods and the reliability of the results, different levels of method validation are required, and the acceptance criteria should be clearly established.

Bioanalysis is an integral part of the pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic characterization of novel drug candidates. It is critical at every stage of drug discovery and development, and has been globally accepted as an essential tool to help develop safe and more efficacious drugs with reduced development time and cost. Bioanalytical data generated in the preclinical stage also provide valuable information for early clinical practice.

Various steps of bioanalysis in the development stage of drugs.Figure 1. Various steps of bioanalysis in the development stage of drugs. (Pandey S, et al., 2010)

Our Featured Services

We offer a full range of bioanalytical services supporting various aspects of preclinical drug development. Our high-quality and reliable data can help you make confident decisions. Browse our featured services below or use our online inquiry form to get more information.

Sampling and Sample Preparation

We provide sample collection, handling, delivery, processing, storage, and different approaches of sample preparation to clean up and/or enrich the sample without fouling the biological fluid, so as to obtain ideal analytical results.

Small Molecule Bioanalysis

We provide comprehensive and professional analysis of small molecules within a biological matrix to fit the needs in different drug discovery and development stages. Our scientific team has extensive experience in the bioanalysis of traditional small molecule, metabolites, peptides, nucleic acids, antibodies and biomarkers. Our services are well aligned with bioanalytical guidelines.

Large Molecule Bioanalysis

You can rely on our expertise and experience in large molecule bioanalysis of proteins or specific biotherapeutics, such as antibodies, antibody drug conjugates, biosimilars, vaccines, and oligonucleotides. We use latest technologies in a highly regulated environment to support preclinical studies.

Biomarker Bioanalysis

Biomarkers involved in disease progression can be used to evaluate the safety and efficacy of drugs for specific disease indications. We can provide a full suite of biomarker bioanalysis to support drug development projects of our customers. Our team also has experience with validating methods in preclinical samples.

Bioanalytical Method Development

We will develop bioanalytical methods on the most appropriate technology platform based on fully understanding of our customers' needs. Our scientists have considerable experience with bioanalytical method development for both small and large molecules. Each method is developed according to the highest standards.

Bioanalytical Method Validation

Robust method validation is key to generating reliable results for making critical go/no-go decisions in drug development process. We provide full validation, partial validation and cross-validation considering multiple parameters such as selectivity, calibration model, stability, and accuracy, to help our customers ensure that their analytical methods and research results meet their timeline and regulatory requirements.

Creative Biolabs provides our customers with customized bioanalytical services and one stop solutions to meet their specific requirements with fast turnaround time and competitive price. Our experienced scientific team will work closely with our customers to help them achieve their goals.

If you are interested in our bioanalytical services or have any specific needs, please feel free to contact us for more details.


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